Chania is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. The magical beaches with the turquoise waters, the delicious cuisine, the long history and its warm people gifted us with 7 delightful days in the Cretan land.

In Chania we had the chance to enjoy two very interesting activities. The first one was diving with the Oceanis dive center. The sea of north-western Crete hosts shipwrecks, ancient cities, secret caves, hundreds of animal species, as well as rare species of seals and sea turtles. The seabed is full of pretty corals and sponges, while the contact with the water element is unique.

We, along with our experienced tutor George, dove at 12 meters and explored the ancient city of Diktynna, which is located at the amazing Menies beach. Although it was the first time we were scuba-diving, we quickly became familiar with the equipment and the flippers did not stop for a minute. On our aquatic stroll, apart from ruins, we discovered a World War II bombshell, we swam with the famous caretta-caretta turtles, we fished out sponges and took a few seashells as souvenirs. It was a unique experience that we will certainly try again!

The second activity is about the world-famous Cretan cuisine. It is a Cretan cuisine lesson, with products from the fertile Cretan land. The founders of the Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism, Manolis Georgiou & Joseph Apostolakis (chef), offer a well-rounded connection with the local cuisine, through the preparation of an entirely Cretan menu and the provision of many useful pieces of information.

After we put on our aprons, we spread the phyllo sheets to make skaltsounia, we cooked tsigariasto, we learned what is in a cretan salad, while at the end we enjoyed our specialties with plenty of frozen raki.

Before leaving the proud land of the Cretans, we did not miss the chance to dive in the blue-green waters of Balos and Elafonisi, explore the beautiful Paleochora and wander around the picturesque villages of Apokoronas. And as for the city of Chania, it had to offer us wonderful images of the narrow, cobbled streets, the old harbor, the historic Koum Kapi and the Splantzia Square. Finally, we tried the most characteristic dishes of the Cretan cuisine, among which were the kaltsounia with greens-sweet mizithra (lihnarakia), hohlioi mpourmpouristoi, tsigariasto with staka, apaki, sygklino sfakiano, the original dakos, as well as their splendid raki.

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